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    Eeprom and ble with bootloader


      I am using the CY8C4248LQI-BL483. I managed to get the EEPROM example "PSoC_EmEEPROM_PSOC401" up and running on my MCU, and I can see the reset count printing out a higher number after each reset.


      However, I copy-pasted the code from main.c into my own custom project which has a bootloader and bootable/upgradable stack. When I run the project now the read EEPROM lines only load 0x00 into the array. The end result of this is that nothing prints out. What am I missing? Does the Emulated EEPROM not work with a bootloader?


      //Small section of code:

              DBG_PRINTF("Writing updated count\n\r");

              /*Only update the two count values in the EEPROM*/

              eepromReturnValue = Em_EEPROM_1_Write(RESET_COUNT_LOCATION, &eepromArray[RESET_COUNT_LOCATION], RESET_COUNT_SIZE);

              if(eepromReturnValue != CY_EM_EEPROM_SUCCESS)






          DBG_PRINTF("Reading updated value\n\r");

          eepromReturnValue = Em_EEPROM_1_Read(LOGICAL_EEPROM_START, eepromArray, LOGICAL_EEPROM_SIZE);

          if(eepromReturnValue != CY_EM_EEPROM_SUCCESS)


          /*Print EEPROM contents to console*/

          eepromArray[LOGICAL_EEPROM_SIZE] = '\0';

          DBG_PRINTF((char *)eepromArray);