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    Programming issue in Inventek ISM43340 EVB



      I am now using ISM43340-M4G-EVB & programming the same using WICED sdk 3.1.2 through USB-UART port. But, I am facing programming issue( I can see no program error ,success message & reset message in WICED sdk). However, I can't see any output(I tried several codes of leds , uart, etc.). Sometimes it works, many times it doesn't. Also in "Device Manager" I can see both ports i.e. WICED USB Serial port & WICED USB JTAG port.


      Previously, I was using ISM43341-USB. However, in that I haven't faced such issue.


      I suspect the above issue in  ISM43340-M4G-EVB due to one of following:

      - Fault in ISM43340-M4G-EVB design

      - FTDI chip firmware/ FTDI PC driver.

      - PC USB power / PC USB port


      Working on Windows 7 64 bit system.


      Kindly reply ASAP.