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    Touch signal value is gradually decreasing with the time even though button is touched



      I am using CY8CKIT-042 PSoC® 4 Pioneer Kit. I am using it for the CapSense design with 10 buttons and 2 sliders.


      We are facing an issue where Touch Signal Value in the Tuner graph gradually decreases with the time even though the button is touched. Due to this, even thought my finger is on the button, after 6 seconds it's showing as finger is not active. Facing lot of issues due to this.

      Attached the screen recording. Please check on Button1_sns0 value in the graph in orange color.


      It's an very serious issue. Seems that sensor is gradually loosing it's sensing over the time even the finger is touched in a span of 6 seconds or so.


      Please help as it's an serious and urgent issue.


      Please let me know the solution asap.


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