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    HCI Command of CYBT343026 Eval?


          Hi  Cypress:

               as we know,BT stack of CYBT-343026 is already included in the ROM code.

         However you can run BT stack on any other host like any micro controller/Linux/Android and can send directly HCI commands to CYBT-343026 device via HCI UART.

        so customer want to use the BT stack and we don't need to down load any other code to the demo ??? what 's the HCI commands we can us ??

        In the CYBT343036 demo, the HCI interface connect to the CY7C65215, so we can send the HCI command via to serial port tools?? TKS

              when we use seial port tools to print the log, it show messy code when we press the reset button; Can you give some advice??