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    using a Psoc 4 Custom board running on 5V wiil not debug


      Hi all,


      using a Psco4, CY8C4245AXI-483 part

      i have a custom board running on 5V


      I can program the board with Psoc programmer and a miniprog3 fine, board runs, no hardware issues.


      In creator 4.2 i cannot get the miniprog3 to connect to this board to debug it.

      I set the port parameters to external supply so it DOES NOT power the board. SWD interface


      I read thru every post and app note I can find, but this is not addressed as far as I can see.


      running on Win 10..really crap here.

      all actions to query the miniprog seem really slow for some reason.


      So, what's the magic here? Spent way too much time on this to get this product shipped..