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    CYBT-343026 enabling peripheral SPI kills HCI UART




      I'm using WICED Studio 6.2 and have a working audio gateway profile in a CYBT-343026 module, this is controlled from an MCU over the HCI UART (at 2048000 baud) this all works fine.


      We now want to attached something to the peripheral SPI on the CYBT-343026 but as soon as I enable the PSPI the HCI UART stops working. In one case where the HCI UART is sending out a WICED_BT_TRACE when the PSPI is enabled (just after the trace call) the end of the trace is corrupted with three 0x19 bytes.


      The code to initialise the PSPI looks like this:


      #define PSPI_FREQ_HZ 1000000

      #define PSPI_CS      WICED_P36

          // SPI1 master mode

          wiced_hal_gpio_configure_pin(PSPI_CS, GPIO_OUTPUT_ENABLE, GPIO_PIN_OUTPUT_HIGH);

          wiced_hal_pspi_init(SPI_MASTER_ROLE, INPUT_PIN_FLOATING, MASTER1_P24_CLK_P27_MOSI_P25_MISO,

                                          PSPI_FREQ_HZ, SPI_MSB_FIRST, SPI_SS_ACTIVE_LOW, SPI_MODE_3, PSPI_CS);


      Is there anything else that needs to be done?

      Is this known to work on this module with this version of WICED Studio?