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    Fails to perform CyBle_Start(), any idea ?


      I have a firmware that fails performing the CyBle_Start() function on some platforms.


      Using the same firmware, works on some platforms, fails on others.

      During the intialisation, the CyBoot_IntDefaultHandler_Exception_EntryCallback() is trigged, while accessing to the 0x402E10D8 register.

      (Writing 0058 to this register) using DEBUGGER, the area is full of FF FF (i suppose not mapped into memory)


      I've done step by step follow up in assembly to find the <Faulty> condition. (Write access to register 0x402010D8)


      I try to figure out, why such initialization failure.


      Can it be related to the clocking of the IP ?
      In order to have very low power, I'm using IMO 3 Mhz.


      Thanks for your support.



      Ce message a été modifié par : PHILIPPE BRESSY Modules : CYBLE214009-00 or CYBLE214015-01, got the same behaviour on both modules. The same firmware, work or does not work depending on platform. Works on one platform, then stop to work. Is there any 'integrity checking firmware' provide by CYPRESS, able to test the CYBLE214009/15 modules for internal failure ?