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    20737 with client Rx fading?


      SDK: 2.2.1

      Tag: 920737.

      app: OTA hello-sensor app  .

      OTA firmware size ~ 30KB.



      Our customer encounters one problem, they buy 3 devices
      and put into 3 rooms, each device with its Tx power set by max. 4-dbm.

      First we put devices beside client handset scanning and check client Rx ~ -50~ -60 dbm.

      but after put them away from client, distance approximately 20m 25m 35m (of which
      Rx is  -70dbm, -80dbm and -95dbm) and the third one is easily disconnected.



      - already set     blecm_setTxPowerInADV(4) for 4-dbm.

      - is any fading issue there in 20737 tag, any parameter related with for adjustment?