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    No USB Bootloader - EZ-USB FX3 SuperSpeed Explorer Kit


      * Took the kit out of the box.
      * Plugged in USB 3 cable to my PC.
      * Verified the USB StreamerExample Device works using C++ Streamer.
      * Press reset; bootloader will not enumerate in USB Control Center.
      * Plugged in second USB cable to Explorer board's debug port. 
        * USB 2 cable.
        * Plugged into a port marked SS capable.
      * Enumerates as USB-Serial (Dual Channel) Vendor 1 and MFG.
        * See attached pic.
      * Read Trouble Shooting Guide for the FX3/FX3S/CX3 Enumeration - KBA222372.
        * Per this, I'm doing everything right.


      Other things I've tried.


      * Pull USB 3 cable to remove power, then:
        * Hold down reset.
        * Plug in cable to apply power.


      OK, what's wrong?