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    Configuration Utility - No device detected


      Hey folks,


      I am a junior engineer, aka a beginner and I will try to describe the issues I have, as exactly as I am able to.


      We got some Hardware to work with, it contains a Cypress "CY7C652" chip.
      As soon as  I plugged in the USB-Wire, the Cypress Configuration Utility Manager was able to find it immediatelly.
      Because of Testing-Reasons we decided to change the VID (8086) and the PID (9999).
      Now the Problem is, that Windows doesnt recognize the driver anymore and the Cypress Configuration Utility Manager does neither.


      I tried to edit the cyusb3.inf to include another layer of information which contains the new, specific VID and PID.
      Even a Reboot did not remove this issue of being not detected.

      The device-manager describes a big yellow questionmark, which complains about a missing driver.
      If I switch the "edited" Hardware with a "non-edited" Hardware with the same chip, the Configuration Utility Manager does find it immediatelly.


      Do you have any clues what is going wrong? I hope that the hardware is still functional and its just a little issue.


      Thank you and see you soon.


      With best Regards,



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          Please manually update the driver to the required one through the device manager. Go to properties of the device, select update driver under driver tab -> browse my computer for driver software -> let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer -> Have disk -> Browse (browse the system for the required driver i.e inf file where you have added the custom VID and PID) select OK and the compatible hardware comes up. Select the required one and click next.

          Please refer to the attached screenshots for driver binding.


          Please note the if you make any changes in the driver package file (including the cyusb3.inf file) the signature by Microsoft is lost and the device fails to bind to the respective driver. The PC should be put in test mode or the driver signing check should be switched off in order to bind to the modified inf file.






          Best Regards,


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