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    C# .NET SPI Master examples (CYUSBS236).




      We are startup that developing solution for the cosmetics care market that incapsulated fast data communication inside. In order to establishing such a communication, for evaluation purpose, we purchased CYUSBS236 evaluation kit. We also downloaded all appropriative documents and DVK software from your website but didn’t found any example for C# .NET. We have no specialists in C++ but from the minimal knowledge about it we tried to convert examples to C# but with no success. We also found in your technical blog some examples C# .NET for I2C activation. Can you help us with the same examples for SPI Master evaluation? By the way, we found examples for I2C using framework 3.5, can you help us with examples compiled for newer framework?



      Thank you,

      Alexander Shteyn,

      Software development leader,

      BeShape Technologies Ltd.