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      Hello all,


      I have discovered an error while testing my ble server device over CySmart Windows app. When I click to the "Discover All Attributes" button after the connection, I get below error:


      [17:59:18:065] : Start Handle: 0x002E

      [17:59:18:065] : End Handle: 0x0030

      [17:59:18:065] : UUID: 0xF3F4

      [17:59:18:144] : 'GATT Error Notification' event received

      [17:59:18:144] : Error Code: BLE_GATT_ERR_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_FOUND

      [17:59:18:159] : 'Find Included Services' request sent

      [17:59:18:159] : Start Handle: 0x0001

      [17:59:18:159] : End Handle: 0x0007

      [17:59:18:162] : 'Command Status' event received

      [17:59:18:162] : Status: BLE_STATUS_OK


      I attached the complete log from CySmart.


      Does anyone have an idea about why I'm getting this error?


      Edit: I realised that it happens not only in my custom project bu in every example project provided by Cypress. I have tested many ble server projects from the Cypress's BLE Project examples and it happened in all of them. Actually I do not encounter any misbehaviours, the device works well. But I just wanted to be sure if this is normal.




          This is a normal case while discovering the services/characteristics. If the client wants to discover all the primary services on a server then this discover procedure is successfully completed when ATTRIBUTE_NOT_FOUND error is received. Please refer to the BLE Core Spec 4.2, Volume 3, Part G, Section 4.4/4.5/4.6/4.7 for more information.

          This sub procedure is complete when the Error Response is received and the Error Code is set to «Attribute Not Found» or when the End Group Handle in the Read by Type Group Response is 0xFFFF.



          P Yugandhar.


            Thank you Yugandhar. It sounds reasonable, I also read the related parts from the BLE spec and got clarified.