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    FX3S - Need to Increase Speed of SD CARD Read & Write operation




      My project we are using the cypress FX3s dongle board. I need to increase the speed of SD card writing & Reading using (FATFS),

      Currently my project coping speed is taking around  69 seconds for 1 Gb file ,I want to be reduce to 55 second .

      so I am planning to use ping pong buffer method to increase the copy speed .

      MY project overall view

      Currently three threads I configured

      thread1 - Read the data from the SD card & Writing into the Second SD Card (this thread I m planning split in to two thread one for write another one for read)

      thread2 - using for the USB UART

      thread3 - using for USB Mass Storage

      Thread3 will be Suspended when thread1 execution.

      when first thread reading data from SD card using DMA, the handle is given to the DMA that time I plan to switch to another thread for writing, but it’s not switching without Thread sleep function if I use thread sleep function, my copying time is increased Actually I want, two thread to be act as a parallel operation then may be I can increase the speed please provide me your valuable suggestion


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      K Manikandan