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    UVC first time open problem




      I have met a strange test result when using FX3 as UVC camera.


      After I connect the usb cable to PC,

      first time I open software (e.g. win: amcap/vdm, ubuntu: guvc) to watch the images,

      there will always be black image(no data).

      And then I close the software and reopen it,

      images will be shown normally.

      And after the first time, the camera always goes fine.

      But if I disconnect the cable and re-plug in it, I will get black image at the first time again.


      I have tried to used Directshow library in Windows to debug.

      And I confirmed when the first time using the camera, callback function will never be called, which means no data is received.


      Has anyone ever met problem like this?

      Thank you.

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