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    PSoC5LP IMO Startup time




      We have a question about IMO of PSoC5LP.

      PSoC5LP Datasheet URL

      The following specifications are listed on page 112 of the data sheet.



      IMO Startup time: max 13 us



      Is this 13us time from the start of IMO until it stabilizes?

      Is it necessary to stabilize 13us even when switching from 24MHz (USB mode) to 24MHz (non USB mode)?

      In low power consumption mode, USB is not used.
      Switching clocks only when USB is required.
      Therefore, I would like to confirm this spec.



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          Hello Masashi-San,


          (1) The startup time for IMO is 13us, this means that the IMO requires 13us to stabilize after the device is started.


          (2)In case you want to transition from low power mode to Active mode (IMO). The IMO will require stabilization time of 13 us to stabilize, since IMO is not active in low power modes.


          When the transition from 24MHz (USB, Active mode) to 24MHz (non USB, active) occurs it would not require a stabilization time of 13us if the clock source remains the same. The transition will be immediate.


          Best Regards