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    CY7C68013A 56 pin to CMOS Sensor Hardware Interface




      Looking for support with the hardware interface of a CMOS image sensor to the CY7C68013A.  Saw similar posts, but never really saw an answer.


      CMOS sensor provides a 10-bit parallel output with a pixel clock, horizontal sync, vertical sync.  It also has I2C (SCCB) for register setup.  I'm thinking of using GPIF mode.


      Initial thought for interface is:


      CMOS Sensor -- CY7C68013A

      Data[0] -- FD[0]

      Data[1] -- FD[1]

      Data[2] -- FD[2]

      Data[3] -- FD[3]

      Data[4] -- FD[4]

      Data[5] -- FD[5]

      Data[6] -- FD[6]

      Data[7] -- FD[7]

      Data[8] -- FD[8]

      Data[9] -- FD[9]

      Pixel CLK -- IFCLK (not sure here)

      HSYNC -- RDY0

      VSYNC -- RDY1

      SCL -- SCL

      SDA -- SDA


      Do I need to have external EEPROM for the CY7C68013A?  If so, can I use the same I2C connection as I am using for I2C (SCCB) to the CMOS sensor?


      I also need 4 GPIO and I am assuming I can use PA4, PA5, PA6, and PA7.