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    Hello All,


      I'm working with bluetooth mesh  based product development.


      I need to develop a mesh_sensor_server and a mesh_sensor_client.


      sensor_server is working fine and it's publishing message at a certain interval, I took reference from mesh_sensor_server example proved with wiced studio.


      Now, How to develop with mesh_sensor_client? Some guidelines will be really appreciated ?


      How does sensor_client subscribes to sensor_server ?



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          You will want to start here: ModusToolbox Bluetooth SDK


          And download our ModusToolbox IDE, then install the BT_SDK v1.4 within the IDE


          All of our Mesh examples are based on the CYW20819 SoC, which is supported as both an SoC and Certified Module.


          This kit seems to be everyone's favorite for Mesh development; it leverages the CYBT-213043-02 Certified Module: CYBT-213043-MESH


          There is a short virtual workshop here that will help you get familiar with both our SDK and EVK: https://community.cypress.com/videos/1721


          Our channel partners in North America are also rolling out 3/4 day workshops based on this platform, you may want to check with your local Cypress sales/FAE team to see if anything is being planned for your region.


          All of the documentation we have for Mesh is linked here under the documentation tab: https://www.cypress.com/products/ble-mesh


          The Cypress Applications team monitors the community around the clock, so if you run into any issues, create a new discussion in this space and one of them will respond in a timely matter.


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            We have been in development for sometime now. I'm asking for something very specific help,


            I'm working with mesh_sensor_server model provided with wiced studio, I used this model and read a sensor value and I'm publishing it.

            Now, I want another node to subscribe to these messages, which can be implemented using mesh_server_client.


            I used sample code available and provisioned it in another group. sensor server is publishing messages to this group, where sensor client is located.


            I can't see any event at client end ?  I want client to receive messages that are being published by server. I seek guidance for the same.



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              Hi ashish shukla,


              If you are using 20819 chip based board (https://www.cypress.com/products/ble-mesh ) please use ModusToolbox1.1 with BT SDK1.4.


              Mesh network is managed by a mesh provisioner device. Provisioner configures each node if you want Tto add a node, remove a node, subscribe, publish, etc....  in the network. You can use below applications as a provisioner of a mesh network.

              1. mesh_provision_client + MeshClinetControl
              2. MeshClient Windows peer app.
              3. Android or IOS mobile apps.


              Could you please try below steps using a mesh_sensor_server and mesh_provision_client.

              • Enable MESH_MODEL_SENSOR_CLIENT_INCLUDED in mesh_provision_client app from the "change application settings" option (right click on the application and select change application settings). And download it to device_1. This will act as a provisioner as well as a sensor_client in the network.
              • Also download mesh_sensor_server into device_2.
              • Open MeshClientControl and connect to mesh_provision_client device.
              • Use LightControl tab to provision mesh_provision_server and configure the device to publish data to all nodes or any specific grorup/device from the same tab.
              • If you want to use model and configuration tabs of Meshclientcontrol to send data then you have to get "setup key index" from the networkname.JSON file generated by MeshClientControl and fill the "Destination" and  "App Key Index" field in MeshClientControl.


              If you are using MeshClient (Win10), Android/IOS apps then you o not have to use mesh_provision_client app. You can directly provision and configure the device to publish the data to some specific group/device by using the peer apps itself.



              Please let me know if you have any doubt.


              If you are using WICED please let me know the version number. (text in the version.txt).




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