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    FX3 UVC - How to define the EXPOSURE TIME


      Hi All:

      I referred the AN75779 document to achieve the UVC device, and it works!

      However, I met a trouble to define the Camera Terminal - Exposure Time (Absolute) Control.

      I don’t know how to define that... It’s more difficult than the Processing Unit, such as Brightness Control.

      I also refer the “USB Device Class Definition for Video Devices v1.5.pdf” for the control function, but it don’t describe the rule detailed.


      Now I just know the Exposure Time (Absolute) Control is defined by “2 to the power of n”, and the resolution(one step) is to change the “n”.



      Total Step: 10(-10 ~ -1)

      Max value: 1024

      Min value: 1

      Default value: 256


      [My Setting]




      [My Result]

      It’s strange... (Checked the actual setting value by UART)

      max value2.jpg

      The slider range: -13 ~ -3

      Max value: 1024

      Min value: 1

      Each step value



      Hope somebody could provide me some suggestions, or provide an example by my [Goat].


      Thank you so much!