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    CYBT-413034-EVAL EZ-BT Issues with WICED STUDIO V6.4


      Hey Internet,


      I had previous success developing the CYBT-413034-EVAL EZ-BT module with WICED STUDIO V6.2.1. I recently decided to do a clean update to WICED STUDIO V6.4. I noticed that the CYBT-413034-EVAL platform seems to be natively supported in V6.4 meaning that I did not need to follow chaitanyav_41 document "WICED Studio: Platform Files for CYBT-413034-EVAL – KBA223746" to add the updated platfrom files as previosuly was required. So that is nice... But here is the issue. No matter what test snip that I try to make for the CYBT-413034-EVAL the board doesn't seem to run. For example if you attempt to make the target "snip.bt.spp-CYBT_413034_EVAL download" the program will compile, and even upload to the board and it will say in the Console that the application is running but the Bluetooth module does not broadcast the SPP TEST that it should.


      After further testing it seems that none of the test snips for the CYBT-413034-EVAL seem to actually work in this new V6.4 WICED STUDIO version. They all seem to compile and upload to the board just fine but they don't seem to actually begin running.


      Any help or pointing me in the right direction would be great.


      I have since reinstalled WICED STUDIO V6.2.1 and I am back up an running in the meantime.