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    How to send WICED command from host that will connect headset app for audio?


      Hardware is 343026-01 running the headset app demo.


      I'm trying to use the WICED uart (via external mcu host) to force a connection to a device with a specified mac address (phone in this case).  Can someone help me figure out the correct command to use for this?  I've tried the CONNECT commands in the HF, AUDIO, AUDIO_SINK, and AVRC_CONTROLLER groups, with the mac address of the phone as the payload, but none of these seem to work.  Are there multiple commands that I need to send? 


      Right now I'm just trying to connect for media audio a device that is already paired, but ultimately I would like to send commands that would pair AND connect for audio a device with a specified mac address.  What is the process?