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    How can we debug Bootloadable application?


      We are using the PSOC 4 in our application and it has Boot loader and Boot loadable application both.


      I have loaded the boot loader through MiniProg 3 and boot loadable application with the help of Boot loader Host. Both application were loaded successfully.


      When I am trying to debug the boot loadable application through MiniProg 3 kit available with us, It doesn't allow us to do so.


      How can I debug my boot loadable application??


      Please let us know the steps to debug the boot loadable application.



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          In the PSoC Creator bootloader system, the bootloader project executes first and then the bootloadable project. The jump from the bootloader to the bootloadable project is done through a software-controlled device reset. This resets the debugger interface, which means that the bootloadable project cannot be run in debugger mode.To debug a bootloadable project, remove or disable the Bootloadable Component from it and debug it. Then re-install or re-enable the Bootloadable Component after debugging is done.

          Another option is to program the Bootloadable project .hex file onto the device and then use the “Attach to running target” option for debugging while the bootloadable project is running. See Figure In this case, you can debug the bootloadable project only from the point where the debugger is attached to the device.





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            Thanks for the support.


            First option I have tried already and it is working fine.


            Will update you once I practically observe the second option you have just suggested.