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    Adding the KitProg2 to design -- Can I get the P5LP with a preprogrammed USB Bootloader


      I don't want a programming header on my board and a MiniProg3 that will get lost.  I want to put the KitProg2 circuit on my board.  The issue that I see is that the P5LP is blank when I put it on my board so I need an SWD header and a MiniProg3 to program the P5LP the 1st time. It kind of defeats the purpose.  Is there a P5LP that I can order that is preprogrammed with a USB bootloader or the KitProg2 firmware so that I don/t need the SWD header and MiniProg3 to program the KitProg P5LP?


      Alternately, I could use the FX2 implementation on CY9CKIT-030 or -050 with an external EEPROM. Will the PSOC programmer be able to update the blank EEPROM when I first plug it in with a blank EEPROM? 



      Mike Roberts