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    Can I use the CY8CKIT-042-BLE-A kit to write a peripheral on the PC


      This is a very basic question. Can I call methods on the CY8CKIT from the PC such that my peripheral application RUNS ON THE PC and uses the CY8CKIT like a Bluetooth dongle? Our needs are to write a large battery of automated (black-box) tests that test a BLE health collector. We do not want to have to load a test onto the chip, run, erase, and load the next, etc. and repeat that task 1000 times. The RL78 BLE from Renesas allows you to do this but they have a major short coming in their implementation, the chip APIs do not signal the peripheral when the collector is making a characteristic read. This shortcoming is severe enough for the implementation of a stand-alone peripheral, forget any test application.


      Clearly for a test application we need the low level control that the CY8CKIT would normally bring. Is there a better alternative for our use case?