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    How to use Kitprog2 to program CY8C4127AZI-S453




      I'm using Kitprog2 which took from CY8CKIT-149 to program the CY8C4127AZI-S453 which is on the board we designed.


      The PSoC programmer can connect to Kitprog2:

      Successfully Connected to KitProg2 (CMSIS-DAP/244532) at 11:01:00 | CMSIS-DAP Version 1.10


      But when I try to program, it notice me the following:


      Programming Terminated

      Detected SiliconID: 25 94 12 B5 is not in database

      Error paring device information from database

      PSoC Device (25 94 12 B5) is not in the DataBase


      Does it mean Kitprog2 can't support CY8C4127AZI-S453? Any change needed for this programming? Thanks