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    CyU3PMipicsiInit() fails error 0x55 (CY_U3P_ERROR_BLOCK_FAILURE)


      Hi All,


      We just received a new shipment of circuit boards that are not functioning.  When I watch the debug serial port, I see CyU3PMipicsiInit() is failing with error 0x55, a block error.  When I search around, I found an FX3 release note about this happening while using the I2C port.  However, my error is reported during initialization, so there has been no communication before the failure.  Both SCL and SDA signals are pulled high with 1.5K resistors and are sitting high prior to the Init call.  I should further mention that this same firmware works OK in a prior set of hardware.


      USB communication is working properly, I can load firmware both into RAM or an external SPI Flash without error.  I can also communicate with the running firmware with vendor commands.


      Any thoughts most appreciated.