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    timer_fine problem


      i have problem with fine timer ( 20737 + SDK 2.2.1).


      When timer ( for example 100 ms or any ) is started ( on new empty project ) there is only few timer interrupts and then BCM goes to some hold or locked mode.


      I use puart to debug and if i put print line in timer it looks like:


      Timer start


      Timer test cycle

      Timer test cycle

      Timer test cycle

      @$*#04FFF6F70092032C7A0100362A100073200001000000002000508900000A00000000000000070010070F000F220000200000000000002A00008003BE1A000000008003AE1A040000008003B21A020000008003B61A050005008003BA1A032.. This data extends about 70 kb and after finishing transmitting BCM goes to sleep/locked/freeze mode.


      It is same if i use led blink, buzz, or just leave timer interrupt empty.