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    PSoC6 DFU using ModusToolbox and BLE


      Has anybody implemented DFU on PSoC6, using BLE?


      My requirements are:

      HW:     CYBLE-416045-02

      IDE:     ModusToolbox 1.1

      PDL:     v3.1.0

      Transport: BLE

      OS:     FreeRTOS 10.0.1


      I have build CE216767 on PSocCreator with PDL 3.0.4 (fails with 3.1.0). This works fine but I need to use ModusToolbox 1.1 and PDL 3.1.0.


      I have also looked at CE213903 for ModusToolbox, but it can only be imported into ModusToolbox 1.0.


      Can you guide me how to do the DFU, fulfilling my requirements?