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    CX3 Commit Buffer Error Invalid Sequence and Image Lost


      Hi all,


      Hi have an sensor running at 30fps with 1828*998 resolutions connected to CX3 on Mipi and sending RAW12 data. I configure GPIF to transform RAw12 data  in 16 bits.

      I am using USB block as CY_USB_BULK_STREAMING_ENDPOINT_OUT and my DMA SIZE is 24576 with 4 buffer.

      To avoid Images corruption I reset DMA everytime CyU3PDmaMultiChannelCommitBuffer Function returning  CY_U3P_ERROR_INVALID_SEQUENCE (0x47).

      Most of the time my PC received the Image at 30 fps but every 40sec/2min(not periodic)  I loose 4 to 10 Images but I can't loose Images for my algorithm.

      I try to increase DMA SIZE (36000 with 3 buffer) but the problem is still present