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    30ms Active Low Pulse not recognized in GPIO Interrupt Falling Edge

      I am using AIR_GPIO_RegisterInterrupt(13, myCallBackFunc13, AIR_GPIO_TRIGGER_FALLING_EDGE );


      void myCallBackFunc13() {

              iWasInturrupted = 13;




      now my interrupt pulse is  active low  but only for about 20-30 ms.  I am unable to reconnect the BLE in time to send the event trigger data.

      Does anyone know how long the AIR_BLE_SetDiscoverable(true) should be true for it to be sufficient to sent this info. 

      I was hoping the easiest solution would be to add a delay in the myCallBackFunc13 to ensure there is enough time to do this.

      Anyone experience anything like this? Any other software workaround to ensure this works smoothly? I guess because i designed the BLE device to be off always but for the interrupt times to save battery is the issue.