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    CYUSB3ACC-004A with New mt9m114 eva board


      Couldn't get MT9M114 eva board


      Cypress made interconnect board that is compatible for Aptina older boards and FX3 Explorer kits.

      i.e. CYUSB3ACC-004 https://www.cypress.com/documentation/development-kitsboards/cyusb3acc-004-aptina-image-sensor-interconnect-board-ez-usb…

      Since the new aptina boards are coming up with a different connector, we made a new interconnect board for it.

      i.e. CYUSB3ACC-004A it will be available for purchase for customers on Cypress store by August 26th.

      Can cypress share   some CYUSB3ACC-004A   Interconnect Board information´╝č