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    Preprogramming PSoC 4 MCU chip (CY8C4014FNI-421AT)




      This is regarding the I2C project that I have posted a few weeks before. I am currently working on designing a prototype board with the PSoC 4 MCU to establish the I2C interface with the video decoder to write to the registers on power-up. So I thought of checking whether Cypress has the option of preprogramming the chips with my I2C code if I request for it while I purchase the chips from Cypress website online. 


      If it's not possible to buy the chips after programming it is there any programmer kit that has a header for the PSoC 4 BGA chip-WLCSP package (CY8C4014FNI-421AT) to plug onto the programmer kit for preprogramming the chip before sending out the chips to be soldered onto a target PCB.


      It will be great if someone could advise me regarding this concern.


      Thanks and Regards,

      Nandhini Jayapandian