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    Unable to connect to softAP




      I have both the test.console and AWS smart_device demos running on my board, an EMW3165 from MXCHIP.  With the WiFi in station mode I can connect to my router, get an IP address, and ping in both directions.  However, if I start the WiFi in softAP mode, running the internal DHCP server, I'm unable to connect to the board.  I can see the softAP from my laptop and my phone, but cannot successfully connect.  I've tried both open and WPA2 modes, tried configuring with a static IP address to eliminate DHCP from the equation, all to no avail.  If I'm using WPA2 I get a message on my iPhone that the password is incorrect, but I've verified it multiple times, and use very easy strings like "password" and "12345678".  If I disable security on the softAP, my iPhone simply says that it's "unable to join the network".


      Are there any debug logs I can enable to see what's happening in the WICED v6.4 libraries?  Any other suggestions on how to resolve this?  Your help would be much appreciated!




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          Can you please mention the radio in the EMW3165 chip?


          You can enable logs for checking the network info and for wwd driver related prints by enabling the MACRO in /43xxx_Wi-Fi/include/wiced_defaults.h

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            The MXCHIP EMW3165 uses the 43362 radio.  Thanks for the pointer to wiced_defaults.h - I'm trying those now and will post my results.

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              I turned on all the debug macros in wiced_defaults.h, and get very little additional output to the serial console, and nothing at all when I try to connect my mobile phone to the softAP.  On the phone I get a message "Incorrect password for network...".  Here is the entire serial output...


              Starting WICED Wiced_006.004.000.0061

              Platform EMW3165 initialised

              Started FreeRTOS v9.0.0

              WICED_core Initialized

              Initialising LwIP v2.0.3

              DHCP CLIENT hostname WICED IP

              WWD SDIO interface initializing with US/0

              WLAN MAC Address : C8:93:46:5B:3E:4E

              WLAN Firmware    : wl0: May  3 2019 02:15:56 version FWID 01-ffffffff

              Init took ~1909 ms

              Please wait, connecting to network...

              (To return to SSID console screen, hold USER switch for 5 seconds during RESET to clear DCT configuration)

              8016: Event (interface, type, status, reason): WWD_AP_INTERFACE Unknown WLC_E_STATUS_SUCCESS WLC_E_REASON_INITIAL_ASSOC


              calling chanspec IOVAR with chanspec=2b01 channel=1

              8182: Event (interface, type, status, reason): WWD_AP_INTERFACE WLC_E_LINK WLC_E_STATUS_SUCCESS WLC_E_REASON_INITIAL_ASSOC

              Setting IPv6 link-local address

              Waiting for IPv6 address validation

              Waiting for IPv6 address validation

              IPv6 Network ready IP: FE80::C893:46FF:FE5B:3E4E

              IPv4 Network ready IP:


              Config SSID : BeerMKR2

              Password    : 12345678

              IP Address  :


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                I get the same results if I build for ThreadX/NetX too.


                How can I get output from the WWD driver to see events when the mobile phone tries to connect to the softAP?  This is what I need to debug.  I can connect the board to my WiFi router and then connect to external servers, so I know that the network functional is basically functional, it's just the softAP mode that I'm having issues with.



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                  An additional data point.  I installed WICED 5.0, and had no issues with connecting to a softAP and subsequently to the device-hosted configuration web page.

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                    I found, and fixed the problem.  In the wwd_ap.c file for the 43362 chipset, there's code to change the MAC address of the softAP interface to set the "locally administered" bit.  But the EMW3165 module has a valid MAC address programmed in, so changing the MAC address results in the chipset ignoring packets being sent to it.  By putting an #if/#endif around this section of code, and setting the corresponding global define in the platform makefile, I have everything working correctly.


                    Is there a compelling reason to set the "locally administered" bit in the MAC address when using softAP mode?