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    Accesing Hardware Files of CYW920819EVB-02 board




                I am a student working on the kit CYW920819 EVB-02. Recently, when I was working with the kit, the carrier module got separated from the baseboard. Then i have taken the board to a PCB professional who is in requirement of the hardware files to know the connection points of the carrier module to the baseboard. He expressed that it can be done if we know the hardware design files


      But the files in the enclosed attachment are not being opened

      I have tried with Cadence OrCAD software,Pspice Student Version,Eagle Software(for .brd files),NI Multisim(to open .dsn files)

      but the are not being opened

      Please suggest me a way to open each type of individual file in the attachment and also specify the specific software to be used to open them.