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    43362 as softap spectrum transmission signal


      hi,we are use 43362 as softap,Test transmitting signal,This is shown below:

      In nvram, maxp2ga0=74,softap channel is 1(2412MHz)

      2.After observation for a period of time, abnormal waveform was found to be generated, and the abnormal wave power was very large,The figure above shows the maximum holding waveform over a period of time

      In dynamic observation, abnormal waveforms appear and disappear immediately

      3.The anomalous wave (overpowered) frequency point is also regular, always shifting about 5MHz to the right of the current channel frequency point

      4.Please help to check the cause of this problem. I think the 2.4g waveform is not caused by us, but by the chip itself


      Looking forward to your reply!