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    FM4 S6E2C5AJ0A Boundary Scan Test Mode




      we´re using the FM4 S6E2C5AJ0A and try to test it via Boundary Scan, but it seems we can´t set it into boundary scan test mode.

      Right now we can only read out the Device ID of the ARM Cortex.


      How can we set the device into the correct Boundary Scan Test mode (Compliance patterns, initialize sequences, etc)?


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          You should got answer for this by other means, post the answer here on the other community members benefit.


          Boundary Scan mode is entered by [MD1,MD0,P60]=[1,1,0].

          Cypress does not officially support all Boundary Scan options/features for FM4 / S6E2Cx series: Data path can be checked, but Functional test / Test pattern are not supported.