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    Reading RES_CAUSE register?


      I am having trouble with reading the RES_CAUSE register on a CYPD3175 (CCG3PA) using PSOC Creator version 4.2. PSOC Creator uses a roundabout way to get to the registers compared to other IDEs that expose the register set for you. The only registers that are shown are the ARM registers in the register debug window.


      When I get the memory address from cydevice_trm.h, I see that the RES_CAUSE register is located at 0x40030054. When I open the memory debug window, this address shows up with ## as the value. Not sure that this means. I've attached a screenshot.


      I believe that I am getting a reset but want to check against this register to see if I really am and what the cause might be.


      Any help with this would be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.