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    Why does AN64846 state SmartSense Auto-Tuning does NOT exist for Fourth Generation Capsense?


      Ap Note AN64846 implies there is no Auto Tuning with Fourth Generation Capsense. Is that correct?


      Reference: Table 4-3 PSoC 4 Family Features Comparison in AN64846 - Getting Started with CapSense - Rev X on Page 94,


      The very bottom row of the first page of Table 4-3 is titled SmartSense Auto-Tuning. That row lists Yes for Third Generation Capsense instances and No for Fourth Generation Capsense instances.


      When I design with PSoC 4S products using PSoC Creator, there's still an option to enable Smart Sense, which appears to work.


      Please clarify if Table 4-3 is in error, if PSoC Creator is in error or if there's another explanation.


      Thanks for keeping PSoC Easy,