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    CY4531 Display Port Dongle Example


      I'd like to demonstrate a Display Port Dongle using CY4531.


      Is there an existing project targeting CYPD3125 on the CY4531 kit that emulates a Display Port Dongle?


      Will additional code be required to program the PS8740B Parade Switch on the CY4531 kit?


      Note: The Display Port Demo in CY4531 Kit Guide is in the opposite direction (Video data into Display Port then out of USB-C)

      It appears the dp_dongle example targeted for CYPD3120 is in the correct direction (Video data into USB-C then out of Display Port)


      If a Display Port Dongle example for CY4531 isn't readily available...

      There appear to be three issues to overcome if starting with the CYPD3120_dp_dongle example:

      1) An error when attempting to build the project in PSoC Creator (memset error described below)

      2) Generating a CYPD3125 Bootloader - this one just takes time to remember how to create a new Bootloader after changing the device from CYPD3120 to CYPD3125. (Will the CYPD3120 project successfully load into a CYPD3125?)

      3) Defining all other kit settings including PS8740B Parade Switch.


      I selected "CYPD3120-40LQXI_dp_dongle.cywrk" example from PSoC Creator's Start Page tab under Start > Kits > EZ-PD CCGx SDK


      I then performed an "Update Components" on the project


      When running a Clean and Build, I get the following error:


      Description = prg.M0120:Build error: passing argument 1 of 'memset' discards ' volatile' qualifier from pointer target type [-Werror=discarded-array-qulaifiers]

      File = usb.c

      Error Location = line 413, col 12


      The error points to line 413 in usb.c which is:

          memset(&gl_usb.active_alt_inf, 0, USB_NUM_INTERFACE);


      What options are available to debug this error or alternatively find a working dp_dongle demo?


      Thanks in advance for your support,