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    SmartReady App on bcm92070x_eval_b49, debug info not output

      I enabled the WICED_BT_TRACE_ENABLE in application, success to build and download bin into bcm92070x_eval_b49 via J5, then press SW5 to reset, but there is no debug info output in console, just see "Error: error loading trace database file". SW2 mini switch is in default status. Here is the build log:


      20:24:44 **** Build of configuration Release for project WICED-SmartReady-SDK ****
      "....\\WICED-SmartReady-SDK-1.0.1\\WICED-SmartReady-SDK\\make.exe" hello_sensor-BCM920706_P49 download
      Patches start at                  0x000D0200 (RAM address)
      Patches end at                    0x000DA9DC (RAM address)
      Application starts at             0x0021A628 (RAM address)
      Application ends at               0x0021BE6C (RAM address)

      Patch size                             42972 bytes
      Application size                        6212 bytes
      Total RAM footprint                    49184 bytes (48.0kiB)

      Converting CGS to HEX...
      Conversion complete

      Creating OTA images...
      Conversion complete
      OTA image footprint in NV is 57652 bytes

      Detecting device...
      Device found

      Downloading application...
      Download complete

      Application running

      20:25:01 Build Finished (took 17s.232ms)




      Is there something i missed? or debug info cannot output via J5 ? thanks.