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    maxp2ga0 parameter vs. wiced_wifi_set_tx_power



      In the WICED SDK, under the directory Platform/.../, we set the parameter maxp2ga0 to modify transmit power (e.g, for 16 dbm, we set the paramter to 64). When we call the function wiced_wifi_set_tx_power from the application,does it override the initial maxp2ga0  parameter? Or, Does tx_power still remain the same as the initial value in the nvram_file even if we call the function from the application?


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          The nvram parameters defined in the .../platforms/<platform>/wifi_nvram_image.h are applied before the application entry thread is created, application_start( ). After WLAN chip initialization, if application makes a call to change parameters of the WLAN chip new value will overwrite the value defined in the wifi_nvram_image.h file.


          In your example, the application setting the maxp2ga0 value overwrites the default value defined in the wifi_nvram_image.h file.