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      I'm considering using the PSOC-5 in my design (Industrial/Military standards required) for the following task :

      -      Power sequncing (up/down) and voltage monitoring (using the internal ADC-s) of several DC-DC/LDO-s.

      -      Current / Temperature monitoring (using the internal ADC-s) of a few power rails / PCB hot spots (Using external Current/Temperature to Voltage Devices).

      -      Reset (input discrete) signal management - time debouncer, performing power sequencing when reset asserted.

      -      Events Log record (Resets, voltage regulations vs time, etc.) over the internal EEPROM.

      -      Real-Time transfer of all measurements mentioned above, over I2C/SPI/UART(to extenal device).

      -      Configuration (may be one time) of several devices over I2C/SPI.


      To accomplish these tasks, can you point on pros and cons of this device, in comparison with other vendor CPLD-s, specifically Intel's MAX-10 (Try to be objective)?

      What is the Longevity of the PSOC-5 (Which part has the longest life cycle/ farthest EOL estimation?)