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    Heater with cyble 214009-00



      I ama beginner user of Cypress products and I need some help.

      I would like to use the cyble 214009-00 chip in order to control 16 different heaters via Bluetooth.  

      I fabricate the heater myself. I need to give them 0.7 Amps and 1.2 V for them to heat up to the desired temperature. I will use 3.3v, 150mAh lithium-ion battery to power them.

      I know I cannot draw that much current directly from each pin. so my question is what components I need to use ( like MOSFETs or bjt) in order to draw the needed current?

      I can fix the cyble 214009 with the needed components and my heaters in one substrate at the end.


      Can you please let me know if this is doable and how it can be achieved .


      Thank you