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    Gang Programming up to 10 PSoC6s in manufacturing


      RPM has programmer that can program 4 PSOC4's, but they do not support PSOC6.  It uses multiple MiniProg3s.


      My customer wants to build a fixture that can program up to 10 PSOC6s.


      Do you know of anyone making such a programmer?


      They are looking at rolling their own.  This is what they are thinking - - we could do this with multiple MiniProg4s  and CLI.   They are thinking of using a standard USB hub to connect multiple MiniProg4 to PC. The  documentation and the command line interface will allow us to scan and connect each of these devices. So looking st documentation  it appears this approach will work. On PSoC side the MinProg4s would be connected to the bed of nails fixture along with a custom interface board or cable. 


      Does this look like a good solution?  Any thoughts on a better approach?



      Mike Roberts