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    Retrieve Currently Set CyBle_GapFixAuthPassKey


      We have a device in the field that didn't properly call CyBle_GapFixAuthPassKey for the default passkey in STACK_ON. We can't pair with the device in the scenario where a user cancels the OTA half way through, unpairs from the device, then tries to pair again to finish the OTA. (Our device requires pairing for all attributes so pairing is required in the Bootloader).


      Is there a way I can see what the currentl CyBle_GapFixAuthPassKey has been set to? My fear is it's null which isn't possible to type in on a mobile device.

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          In the event CYBLE_EVT_GAP_PASSKEY_DISPLAY_REQUEST the device will displays the passkey value during the pairing procedure where we can see the current passkey value which was set.

          In the API CyBle_GapFixAuthPassKey(uint8 isFixed, uint32 fixedPassKey), if 'isFixed' parameter value is one then the fixed passkey value (valid passkey value should be (<=999999)) will be set otherwise SMP will generate random passkey value instead of using the fixed passkey.



          P Yugandhar.