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    ModusToolbox Device Configurator missing I2S interrupts


      We have a project on CY8CPROTO-063 BLE Kit using I2S interface.

      We created a project is created in PSoC Creator 4.2, we adapted the example I2S project CE218636 ( https://www.cypress.com/documentation/code-examples/ce218636-psoc-6-mcu-inter-ic-sound-i2s-example  ), which uses a PCM coded wave (array)  and fed it to the I2S bus together with an interrupt.

      So far everything is okay and the I2S configuration file looks like this:



      The problem is that we are not able to run the same example in ModusToolbox as the configurator does not configure I2S interrupts.

      I2S device configuration looks like as follow, there is no option for the interrupts, thus it does not generate corresponding config files or structures.




      Is there anyone faced with the same problem?