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    Can I send HCI commands over SPI?




      I'm working with BCM20736S which communicates with a host controller over SPI. I'm trying enter BLE Direct Test Mode which as far as I understand is only accessible via sending HCI commands directly.


      I was able to use the mode over UART via the Bluetooth Test tool and now I'm trying to incorporate the tests into our main application.


      This post answers my question but the hci_control_test.c. is not available for the WICED Smart 2.2.3 which is the latest, but now obsolete, version that supports BCM20736S.

      Enabling BLE Direct Test Mode from WICED-Studio application


      I was able to find the file in the latest WICED Studio and am trying to back-port it to our application. However it appears to still send the HCI commands over UART and not SPI.


      Is there a way to send HCI over SPI?