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    Is there a possibility to send single Bytes with Cy7C65215 and ignore NACK?


      Hey there,


      we want to implement a "start sequence" with CY7C65215 via i2c. The following seqence needs to be realized:


      Start - 0x04 - NotACK --- RepeatedStart - 0x34 - NotACK --- RepeatedStart - 0x06 - NotACK --- RepeatedStart - 0x36 - NotACK - Stop


      Of course this is kind of strange because none of the four messages will be acknowledged. And it does not really comply with i2c. Basically, we need to set isStopBit argument to 0, call CyI2cWrite() three times with the desired byte as slave address and ignore NotACK each time. Then call CyI2cWrite() one last time with isStopBit set to 1.

      This would realize the sequence but unfortunately there are some restrictions like minimum data buffer length.

      Any ideas?