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      I am currently looking for a Programmer & Debugger for PSoC 4 (CY8C4014FNI-421AT, WLCSP) chip which can pre-program the chip with the I2C Read and Write operations on Power up before soldering it onto a target PCB. I came across the breakout kit CY8CKIT-059, which has a PSoC 5 Kit Programmer in addition to a target PSoC 5 MCU on it. So I just wanted to make sure whether I can use CY8CKIT-059 to program the external PSoC 4 with the code written in PSoC Creator 4.0, via the SWD (Serial Wire Debug) lines before soldering the chip onto the PCB.


      Please kindly review and advise me on this concern.


      Thanks and Regards,

      Nandhini Jayapandian

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          Principally that would work, but you'll have to design a PCB with a ZIF socket and some caps. It seems easier and more versatile to program the PSoC4 on your board after soldering.

          When using the KitProg from the -059 kit there is a restriction: Power is supplied by the KitProg @5V. The Miniprog3 as an alternative could supply power in the range of 1.86V to 5V or your board can be supplied externally.


          You will need a 5 pin interface for







          The benefit is: You have the option to re-program (update) your project.



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            Absolutely!   I regularly use the KitProg board of the CY8CKIT-059 to program a project using the PSoC4.  More specifically, I use the KitProg to program the CY8CKIT-049 board.  If you look at the break-away connections of the KitProg and the PROG pins of the CY8CKIT-049 it is a physical and logical match.  As Bob noted, the KitProg supplies 5V.  If you are going to supply a lower voltage, disconnect VDD/VTARG.


            Fig 1 - KitProg PROG pins

            Fig 2 - CY8CKIT-049 PROG pins

            Note:  The UART ports of P12.6 and P12.7 and the I2C ports of P12.0 and P12.1 are no longer connected.



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              Hello Bob,


              Thank you very much for the comments. I believe then this should work well for my project.


              Wish you have a great day!


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              Nandhini Jayapandian

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                Hello Len,


                Thank you too for your comments on whether I can use this board to program my prototype board. It is really helpful.


                Wish you have a great day!


                Best Regards,

                Nandhini Jayapandian