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    Read and Write value from/in SFlash


      Hello Community


      I'm using a Kit CY8CKIT-062-BLE and I want to write some data into the chip and later read it again. After the server/BLE is turn off, it should be not erease.

      I know this chip has 4 block of 512 bytes each. but how I can get access to the address and how long it should be?

      The value ,that i want to save and to read, is a uint8_t format.


      Which method should I use to save the value and read it later?


      Thanks, regards


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          Hello David,


          Yes, in PSoC6 BLE there is a user row in SFLASH which is used for storing the user data. But, I would recommend you to use the Emulated EEPROM area (32 KB of flash) for storing. Please refer to the code example "CE195313_PSoC_EmEEPROM_PSoC6" in the PSoC Creator or from CE195313 for more information on using the Em_EEPROM component.



          P Yugandhar.