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    ds1307 rtc reading random values



      I'm working on an rtc based project although this is my first time of using it. the external rtc I interfaced with psoc4 is reading random values.  can someone pls tell me what could be the problem. Attached below is the code.

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          Hi NaAd_4382031,


          Please refer to the code example CE222306 – PSoC 4 I2C Master that shows the implementation of I2C low level Apis.



          Also check the status of I2C_I2CMasterWriteByte(0x00, timeOut);. Proceed further only if status returns I2C_I2C_MSTR_NO_ERROR.

          Also please probe the I2C lines and check if there is any issues in the data sent from the master.




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            I briefly read your source.

            According to the datasheet of DS1307



            The data read from the RTC module seems to be hex data and you are trying to write them as a string.


            How about changing your program as below

            (1) include "stdio.h" after "project.h" to use sprintf()

            #include "project.h"

            #include "stdio.h"


            (2) add work char after uint8 RTC_TIME[ARRAY_SIZE] ;

            uint8 RTC_TIME [ARRAY_SIZE} ;

            char str[16] ; // HH:MM:SS\r\n+NULL = 12bytes (16 is with some extra)


            (3) comment out line 63

            // UART_SpiUartWriteTxData((uint32)RTC_TIME) ;


            (4)  modify lien 69

            > UART_SpiUartPutArray(RTC_TIME, ARRAY_SIZE) ;


            sprintf(str, "%02X/%02X/%02X ", RTC_TIME[5], RTC_TIME[4], RTC_TIME[3]) ;

            UART_UartPutString(str) ;

            sprintf(str, "%02:%02:%02\r\n", RTC_TIME[2], RTC_TIME[1], RTC_TIME[0]) ;

            UART_UartPutString(str) ;